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Dynamic Lifestyle is the EXCLUSIVE AUSTRALIAN Distributor of the Grip On™ Fitness Accessory

Providing The Perfect Feel And Fit For Most Pieces Of Gym And Pilates Equipment,
GRIP ON Is Engineered To Supply A Solid Performance-Increasing Grip Along With Hygienic Protection And Durable Reliability.

After Manufacturing And Testing Many Prototypes, GRIP ON Has Developed The Perfect Fitness Accessory For People Who Want A Firm, Non-Slip Grip. The Proprietary Hexagon Design Undergoes A Process Called “Nihon Etching” Which Combines To Deliver A Perfect Grip, Enabling You To Lift More Weight With Less Stress To Your Hands, Wrists, And Forearms.

GRIP ON Is Made To An Exact Thickness That Gives The User Just The Right Feel For Ultimate Support – Not Too Thick, And Not Too Thin – While Not Having Any Rubbery Or Plastic Odor Found In Common Materials. It Can Be Easily Washed With Hot Water And Antibacterial Soap For Sanitizing To Keep Dirt, Oils, And Lotion Residue From Getting Between You And Your Exercise!

only $20 each and $8:45 for postage within Australia. If you order 3 grips on or less it will cost the same for postage.

Click the link to purchase your Grip on

✓ Get Better Grip On Dumbbells, Barbells, Ropes And Chins Up Bars = MORE REPS = BETTER RESULTS

✓ Proprietary Hexagon Design Are Made To An Exact Thickness For Ultimate Support And Ensure No Blisters.

✓ Easily Washed With Hot Water And Antibacterial Soap For Sanitizing

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